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Program Summary:

Through our Tree Pruning and Removal services the Urban Tree Alliance generates wood material in the form of wood chips and unprocessed firewood. To simplify our operations and serve our mission, we try to put this back into the community. We deliver both unprocessed firewood and wood chips free of charge (read conditions below).

Wood Chips:

The wood chips we have are rough and irregular compared to what you might purchase in bags from Home Depot or have delivered by a landscape company. There will be leaves, some sticks, and irregularly shaped chips mixed in. They’re great for landscaping, mulching, and gardening, though! Our truck carries approximately 10 cubic yards of chips when full. Not all loads are this large, but we can’t guarantee anything smaller.


The wood delivery is not cut to length or split. It could be of any species of tree, although we won’t deliver coniferous trees without checking first, and can vary in length from 1-6′ and diameter from 6-40″. The size of wood loads varies greatly. It can be a half dozen 12″x3′ logs or an entire large tree. If you don’t want to receive a large load please indicate this in the comments section.


We will deliver free of charge to locations that are convenient to where we are working. There must be a hard flat surface at least 8’x10′ for us to dump onto (i.e. driveway). We won’t drive into backyards or across soft surfaces to dump.Contact:

We will contact you as far in advance as we can. Typically this is only a day or two; often it is shorter notice Please include a form of contact that you can be reliably reached at.