Urban Forest Management

Urban Forests are a man-made environment that are managed either through deliberate intent or haphazard decisions. The Urban Tree Alliance brings a strong understanding of urban forestry management to help property owners, community groups, and municipalities manage their trees. The first step in managing an urban forest, as with anything, is to understand what you have. This is accomplished through an inventory. Next priorities, means, and needs are combined to develop a management plan. We think that everyone from the owner of a residential plot up to large municipalities need to understand and manage their forests. Using state-of-the-art software like GIS and i-Tree we can help property owners, communities, and municipalities understand, manage, and attribute value to their trees.

  • Arbor Assessment

    Our Arbor Assessment program is aimed at helping property owners understand and manage their trees. This is not an estimate; we aren’t going to try to sell you anything.

    A certified arborist from the Urban Tree Alliance will come to your property; map the locations of your trees; write a brief assessment of the condition and maintenance needs of each tree; and deliver the report to you shortly thereafter.

    This is similar to the inventory and management services we offer to community groups and municipalies, but at a much smaller scale. This service is available for the affordable price of just $49.

    To schedule an Arbor Assessment of your trees contact us.

  • Inventory

    In order to manage an urban forest we first need to know what is there. This is accomplished through an inventory. An inventory can vary from a complete inventory of all trees with numerous attributes or a random sampling of trees that provides an estimate of the forest’s composition and structure. Inventories can be of whole cities, commercial properties, campuses, or private parcels. The Urban Tree Alliance has experience with everything from basic inventories utilizing printed maps and tables to complex databases using GIS, i-Tree Eco, and i-Tree StreetsContact us to see how we can help you understand your urban forest.

  • Management Plan

    A management plan is the groundwork from which property owners make decisions about what should be done with their forests. Our goal is to help property owners and municipalities develop realistic and customized management plans that promote healthy urban forests, while meeting the needs and means of those they serve.

  • Canopy Analysis

    A canopy analysis is a measurement of the surface area of tree canopy within an area. By measuring the amount of trees within a geographic area we can begin to understand what areas have a lot of tree cover and might be in need of maintenance and identify areas of low tree density that could be suitable for tree planting. The Urban Tree Alliance uses everything from simple techniques, such as i-tree canopy, to complex geospatial analysis utilizing aerial photos and LIDAR data.