Links and Documents


I-Tree: This software suite has introduced a reliable way of calculating the benefits we receive from our urban forests and includes tools for property owners, municipalities, and property managers.

UW-Madison Plant Pathology: This site includes specific information about the various pests and disease of woody plants in Wisconsin.

Trees Are Good: If the information on our site hasn’t convinced you of the value of trees, this site might.

The Urban Forest Map: An innovative “wiki” style tool that is being used in several cities across the country to develop information about their urban forests.

Dane County Tree Board: A collection of industry professionals that coordinate forestry activities in Dane County.

Urban Tree Management: Private arborist.


The Tree Owner’s Manual: Produced by the U.S. Forest Service this document provides good information on the care of trees.

The Urban Tree Alliance’s Tree Removal Policy: This outlines the circumstances under which we will remove a tree.

Recommended Landscape Trees: A list of trees suitable to Southern Wisconsin compiled by University of Wisconsin extension agent and Horticulture professor Dr. Laura G. Jull.