Madison Canopy Project

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Our goal is to strengthen the urban forest in the Madison area by increasing species diversity and helping people learn how to care for trees.

We are currently offering one or two free trees to residents in fourteen Madison and Fitchburg neighborhoods: Allied Dunn’s Marsh, Berkley Oaks, Bram’s Addition, Burr Oaks, Capitol View, Carpenter-Ridgeway, Eken Park, Emerson East, Hawthorne, Jamestown, Leopold, Western Hills, Whitetail Ridge, and Worthington Park.

We have also expanded the program to the Bay Creek, Bay View, Greenbush, and Eastmorland neighborhoods. We don’t quite have a map yet for these areas, but if you live in one of the neighborhoods, please feel free to contact us.

A map of all participating neighborhoods can be found here.

To request a tree please click here.

Q: Am I eligible to receive free trees?

Q: How does the program work?

Q: How big are the trees right now?

Q: Which species are being planted?

Q: Can I choose the species?

Q: Who will plant the trees?

Q: Can we plant a tree at a local school, park, or apartment complex?

Q: How many trees have you planted so far?

Q: How did you select the target neighborhoods?

This project is sponsored by the Urban Tree Alliance and funded in part by an urban forestry grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Program as authorized under s. 23.097, Wis. Stat.