Tree Care Services

DSC_0129Urban Tree Alliance recently underwent a re-organization and spun off a private company that now provides all fee-for-service tree care services—such as pruning, planting, EAB treatments, and removals. The new company is called Urban Tree Management (, 608-609-1005) and continues to be run by Urban Tree Alliance founder, Evan Slocum.

Dividing this for-profit endeavor from the non-profit Urban Tree Alliance allows a clearer accounting for our work, which has become as diverse as the grant-funded Madison Canopy Project, residential arboriculture services, and community tree inventories. Although the two entities are formally separate, the work of each is very much in sync with the other. For instance, Urban Tree Management continues to support the efforts of the Urban Tree Alliance through donations of equipment and time, community networking, and expert consulting.  We believe this new arrangement permits a greater degree of organizational flexibility in the future. The Urban Tree Alliance looks forward to continuing its programs designed to preserve and grow the urban forest canopy.