Other Services

Besides Tree Care and Tree Planting, we offer a wide variety of services pertaining to the urban forest:

Urban Forest Management: Knowing what trees exist on public and private lands is necessary to make decisions in guiding the management of the urban forest as a whole. An inventory is a great place to start, followed by a comprehensive management plan. We specialize in modern inventory and analysis techniques that can be scaled to an entire city, a commercial property, or a single plot.

Urban Wood Utilization: Sustainability in urban forestry doesn’t end with a tree’s removal. Making efficient use of the resulting brush and wood biomass means trees can continue to serve the public good. Huge amounts of quality wood material are produced through the natural growth, decline, and removal of urban trees. We explore ways to create lumber, biofuel, mulch, or compost from urban wood, thus expanding its usefulness beyond the lifecycle of the tree.

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