Gypsy Moth Season

With the warming temperatures of spring comes the emergence of insects. One invasive and detrimental insect in Southern Wisconsin is the Gypsy Moth. As a caterpillar, this moth species feeds on over 600 species of woody plants, defoliating and stressing the tree.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection apply a bacterial insecticide form the air in areas with high gypsy moth populations.

This year Dane County is not being treated treated for gypsy moth (see which counties are here). Property owners still have options for controlling gypsy moth damage on their trees. We recommend placing barrier bands on trees that capture the caterpillar form of the moth as it moves up and down the trunk of a tree. This is a simple DIY project (instructions here), but if you want assistance the Urban Tree Alliance will help you install and monitor these barriers on your trees. Contact us for more information.